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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Nancy Ward do for the Cherokees?

Nancy Ward was a respected woman among the Cherokees and the white settlers. She was an outspoken supporter of peace. On at least two occasions she sent warnings to white settlements of impending Indian attacks, for fear that surprise attacks would further erode the strained relationship between the Cherokees and the settlers.

Where did Nancy Ward live in Tennessee?

Early Life Nancy Ward is believed to have been born around 1738 in the Cherokee village of Chota, in what is today Monroe County, Tennessee. Chota, the Cherokee capital, was known as a "City of Refuge," meaning that it was a place where those in distress could seek asylum.

Why was nanye'hi called Nancy Ward?

Nanye’hi's own people called her War Woman and, later, Beloved Woman because of her leadership within the Cherokee Nation. She was also highly regarded by white scouts, hunters, and government agents, who valued her friendship and advice. They called her "the famous Indian woman Nancy Ward."

Who are the progenitors of the Cherokee Ward family?

They are the progenitors of the Cherokee Ward family. Nothing is known of Bryan (t) Ward's ancestry and except for the one son his white family is uncertain. Nan ye hi (Nancy Ward) was probably born in Chota, Cherokee Nation, about 1738.

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