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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nancy Ward?

Nancy Ward: Beloved Woman of the Cherokee April 1, 2001 by Christina Berry Nanye-hi was born in 1738. She was the daughter of Tame Doe, a member of the Wolf Clan and sister to Attakullakulla.

Did Bryan Ward have a white family?

Bryan (t) Ward also had a white family and his son John/Jack married a Cherokee woman named Caty McDaniel. They are the progenitors of the Cherokee Ward family. Nothing is known of Bryan (t) Ward's ancestry and except for the one son his white family is uncertain. Nan ye hi (Nancy Ward) was probably born in Chota, Cherokee Nation, about 1738.

How many children did Nancy Ward have?

Her first husband, named Tsu-la, or Kingfisher was killed in battle in 1755. They had two children before his death, Ka-ti, and Hiskyteehee/Fivekiller. Her second husband was a white trader named Bryan or Bryant Ward. They had one daughter, Betsy Ward. Nancy Ward had no descendants named Ward.

Where is Nancy Ward buried?

She and her son Fivekiller are buried at the top of a hill not far from the site of the inn, which is south of present-day Benton, Tennessee. In 1923 the Nancy Ward chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, based in Chattanooga, placed a memorial marker at the grave sites near Benton, Tennessee.

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