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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Nancy Ward do for a living?

What did Nancy Ward do for a living? As a member of the tribal council of chiefs, she served as a peace negotiator and ambassador for the Cherokee people. Ward achieved a reputation as an un-flinching advocate of human rights and peace. When was Nancy Ward born? 1738.

Did Nancy Ward have children?

Ward had a wife, but since Cherokees did not consider marriage a lifelong institution, the arrangement apparently presented few problems. Ward and her English husband lived in Chota for a time and became the parents of a daughter, Betsy.

What influences did Nancy Ward have on the world?

Ward made good use of the white woman’s enforced stay and learned the art of making butter and cheese. Subsequently, Ward bought cattle and introduced dairying to the Cherokees. Ward exerted considerable influence over the affairs of both the Cherokees and the white settlers and participated actively in treaty negotiations.

What was Nancy wards husbands name?

Within four years she married Bryant Ward, an English trader, and took the English name Nancy. They had one daughter. In 1780 she wielded the right of the Beloved Woman and spared white captive Lydia Bean from death.

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