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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the casting shop?

The current casting shop was constructed during the early 1970's, replacing the original pre-WWI facility. Station #'s 02, 03, and 04 each consist of a holder flanked by a pari of 800KW electric melters.

What does Jim Durfee do in the cast shop?

Jim Durfee is pouring brass alloy into molds. Frank Feher using a compressed air chisel to chip out congealed metal in preparation for another heat. Preparation for pulling cakes from molds at 03 station. Scrap being fed into Harris TGS-200 Baler. Block of compacted scrap are melted down in the cast shop, along with raw metal.

How does a casting station work?

The holder is reheated at 85,000 LBS. A shaker box located at the rear of each melter supply the mixture of ingredients required for each specific alloy. Casting stations use three member teams, with one member responsible for shaking metal into the melters. These photos where taken before 05 station was installed

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