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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3GL?

Third-generation programming language. Most 3GLs support structured programming. Many support object-oriented programming. Traits like these are more often used to describe a language rather than just being a 3GL.

What does third generation (programming) language (3GL) mean?

What Does Third Generation (Programming) Language (3GL) Mean? A third generation (programming) language (3GL) is a grouping of programming languages that introduced significant enhancements to second generation languages, primarily intended to make the programming language more programmer-friendly.

Why choose 3GL for your Edmonton it services?

3GL Provides Managed, On-demand, Hosted IT solutions as well as computer consulting services for Edmonton and Surrounding Area Services Portfolio About Contact Remote Support We want to help you save some costs on IT.

Is the Metal Storm 3GL a grenade launcher?

The Metal Storm 3GL is a three-round semi-automatic 40mm grenade launcher. Like the M320, it can be used as a standalone weapon, or mounted on some Assault Rifles.

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