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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smartlabs?

We build and run labs in previously unimagined ways to support science that is tackling today’s toughest challenges. SmartLabs is the first enterprise-grade lab platform that supports workflows at every stage of development. A lab where you can do any type of research on-demand. No lease, build-out, or infrastructure required.

How much has Smartlabs raised?

Since 2020, we have successfully raised $330 million, allowing SmartLabs to expand operations at a time when demand for lab space is rising.

How do I contact Smartlabs?

For more information, please email [email protected] or visit SmartLabs announces a $250 million Series B raise, bringing the company's total capital raised in the past 18 months to $330 million.

Is Smartlabs a national leader in the Laas field?

“SSmartLabs is a national leader in the LaaS field, and in addition to the tremendous opportunity it presents for our project, its expansion reaffirms Philadelphia’s growing recognition as a national hub for life sciences, especially in the field of cell and gene therapy.”

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