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Frequently Asked Questions

How to filter image with QGIS?

Filtering with QGis You have a processing tool in the SAGA GIS library for performing filtering Image SAGA -> Raster Filter -> Simple Filter : The available filters relate to three main types of filters : The low pass filters (Smoothing)

How to split infrastructure layer into 3 different layers in QGIS?

Now back to the job of splitting the infrastructure layer into 3 different layers. To do this job visually and easily within QGIS, there is now a new algorithm available in QGIS 3.2. It is called Feature Filter and available in the processing modeler.

What's new in QGIS?

With this new algorithm built directly inside the core of QGIS, the processing framework is now able to transform and refine features of a dataset with the same precision as an open heart surgery. Of course you can get more creative in the filter criteria.

How to filter a feature in query builder?

In the Query Builder window give an expression to filter a certain feature to display as seen in figure 3. The expression can be constructed by selecting a field's attribute which will be used as filter query. To see all the the attribute's value select All button on the right Values section. Figure 3. Query Builder

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