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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use "prophylactic" in a sentence?

something used to prevent a disease Examples of Prophylactic in a sentence Although the medicine has proven to be prophylactic, it does not prevent infection in all cases. Many older people swear that orange juice is prophylactic, but scientists have proven that sugary drinks can actually lesson your immune system.

What does prophylactically mean?

Related to prophylactically: prophylactic treatment pro·phy·lac·tic (prō′fə-lăk′tĭk, prŏf′ə-) adj. Acting to defend against or prevent something, especially disease; protective. n. 1. A prophylactic agent, device, or measure, such as a vaccine or drug. 2. A contraceptive device, especially a condom.

What does prophylactic mean in medical form?

In medicine, the term prophylactic is used to describe procedures and treatment that prevent something from happening. This can include surgeries, dental cleanings, vaccines, and birth control . For example, a prophylactic hepatitis vaccine prevents the patient from getting hepatitis. A prophylactic dental cleaning prevents tooth decay.

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