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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Nancy Ward do for the Cherokee?

Nancy Ward. She made a notable plea for mutual friendship at the negotiation of the Treaty of Hopewell in 1785. A strong voice for the adoption of farming and dairying, Ward herself became the first Cherokee cattle owner. Late in life she urged the tribe to reject the rising pressure by white settlers to sell their remaining lands,...

Why was nanye'hi called Nancy Ward?

Nanye’hi's own people called her War Woman and, later, Beloved Woman because of her leadership within the Cherokee Nation. She was also highly regarded by white scouts, hunters, and government agents, who valued her friendship and advice. They called her "the famous Indian woman Nancy Ward."

What did Nancy Ward give the White Commissioners?

Nancy delivered two strings of wampum, a pipe and some tobacco to the white commissioners. During the 1790s a glimpse of Nancy Ward comes from William Martin, white son of General Joseph Martin whose Cherokee wife was Nancy's daughter, Betsy:

What happened to Nancy Ward when she died?

BIOGRAPHY OF NANCY WARD By David Hampton When she died "a light rose from her body, fluttered around the room like a bird, left through an open door and disappeared toward Chota. This was watched by those in attendance who were startled at this apparation."

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