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Frequently Asked Questions

Why trade with mitrade?

Enjoy zero commission, competitive spreads, flexible leverage, fast and reliable order execution with the Mitrade trading platform. Immerse yourself in a seamless trading experience and explore multiple financial markets.

How does mtrade work for whole loans?

When buying, selling or securitizing whole loans, a centralized platform for all connectivity compresses time and creates an ocean of possibilities. mTrade’s primary focus is to improve the efficiency for trading residential whole loans.

Who is Mt trade & industry?

A team of people with years of experience in area of machine ware washing, laundry and housekeeping specializing within the institutional and hospitality industry. MT Trade & Industry provides not only the products and equipments but also consultancy, training and expertise to ensure a professional set up to meet today's sanitation standards.

Why invest in MyTrade?

Open an individual MyTrade online trading account and invest in your future today. Practical, concise, thoughtful and ahead of the curve. Research that gets you ready for the trading day and helps you reach your long term goals.

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