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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a laboratory technician do in a lab?

In conjunction with these functions, the Laboratory Technician provides customer service (laboratory test result information, specimen collection information)… Overall lab maintenance including inventory control, raw material check, moving drums and organizing chemical storage.

What does a microbiologist do in a lab?

The Microbiology technician has the ability to communicate with clinicians about lab results. The Microbiology lab technician has the ability to communicate… Accurate specimen collection, reporting, and fulfilling level or stain requests. Routine histology with the ability to learn and perform each bench…

What does an MLT do in a medical lab?

Medical Lab Technitians ( MLT), and/or . Attend to phone calls, entering into EMR system, phone notes and charting flags for lab results, ensuring critical values and abnormal results are properly… Work at a lab with a friendly atmosphere, great salary and flexible hours.

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