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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a laboratory technician?

Laboratory technicians are usually required to have either an associate's or bachelor's degree, although there are other accredited training programs available. Some states require lab techs to be certified which involves passing an exam.

How much schooling to become a laboratory technician?

A 2-year clinical lab technician or medical lab technician associate's degree is the minimum level of education you need to become a lab technician. Associate's degree programs in laboratory technology use a combination of classroom study and practical instruction in a simulated lab to prepare you for work in a professional lab.

What jobs can a laboratory technician do?

Laboratory technicians collect, examine and test body fluids, tissue cells and other substances. These technicians typically perform their job duties under the guidance of laboratory technologists or laboratory managers. They may work at hospitals, medical laboratories, physician offices and university labs.

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