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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your lab need a fume hood?

If you work with potentially harmful materials in your laboratory, a fume hood is an essential piece of equipment to keep researchers, employees, teachers or students safe . While many different types of fume hoods exist, the basic principle behind them all is a work space with one open side that allows fresh air to be drawn into the hood.

Why do we use a lab fume hood?

Laboratory Fume Hoods A properly operating and correctly used fume hood can reduce or eliminate exposure to volatile liquids, dusts, and mists. It is advisable to use a laboratory hood when working with all hazardous substances.

What are the uses of laboratory ductless fume hoods?

Instead of ventilating harmful fumes through a duct, ductless fume hoods use filtration to remove harmful gases from the air. The air never leaves the building; instead, once it is filtered, it can be safely released back into the lab environment.

Are ductless fume hoods right for my laboratory?

On the other hand, ducted fume hoods are a great option for multipurpose use. Without the right filter for a ductless fume hood, toxic gases and particles could contaminate a lab . With ducted fume hoods, you can breathe easy knowing that any and all harmful fumes are simply being sucked through the duct and out of the building.

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