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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a HGV licence?

The application for the provisional HGV licence is free, but the cost of each test varies: The card itself costs £25. This is the same price if it's lost of stolen and you need to replace it.

How to get your HGV licence?

How to get your HGV licence HGV Driver Medical. The driver medical is carried out by a Doctor, who will check your general health to ensure you're fit to drive an HGV. Apply for a provisional Category C HGV licence. ... HGV Theory Tests. ... Practical HGV licence training. ... Driver CPC practical demonstration test. ... Driver CPC periodic training. ... If you have any questions.... ...

What does HGV Class 2 mean?

What does HGV Class 2 mean? The HGV class 2 is now known as LGV category C and it allows drivers who successfully gain their license to be able to drive any rigid category C vehicle weighing up to 32 tonnes.

What is the HGV medical test?

What is the HGV medical test? The HGV medical test, as the name suggests, subjects HGV drivers to a thorough medical interview and examination process to see whether or not they're fit to drive heavy goods vehicles .

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