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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HAPI service?

HAPPI Health delivers a variety of services, including annual physicals, women’s health, pediatric care, men’s health, and behavioral health. Dr. Andrews and the expert team provide compassionate and attentive care for patients of all ages.

Is Hapi a quick fix?

Our products are not quick fixes, they’re backed by science and formulated to help repair and restore you for a lifetime. This bottom-up approach to getting our gut health in shape gives our systems a fighting chance. Because here at Hapi, if you feel good- we feel good!

Why choose Happi health?

The practitioners at HAPPI Health work with patients and families to positively impact their current and long-term health. They use an electronic medical record system that allows patients to review results, request prescription refills, and provide individualized education for each patient.

What is Hapi lovdones?

Putting you in control of your health and wellbeing. Hapi LovdOnes has been designed to keep multiple family members up-to-date with the healthcare updates and medical appointments of their loved ones in care homes and at home.

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