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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Newsvine work?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Newsvine was a community-powered, collaborative journalism online newspaper which drew content from its users and syndicated content from mainstream sources such as The Associated Press. Users could write articles, "seed" links to external content, and discuss news items in an online forum.

What does 'Vineacity' mean on Newsvine?

"Vineacity" was a measure of six elements that contribute to a Newsvine user's overall rating as a positive influence to the Newsvine community. It was retired in 2013. It was earned as 'branches' on a Newsvine logo icon displayed next to the user's name.

Who is the founder of Newsvine?

Seattle -based Newsvine, Inc. was founded in the spring of 2005 by Mike Davidson, Calvin Tang, Lance Anderson and Mark Budos. Josh Yockey joined the company shortly after it opened its offices, with Tom Laramee and Tyler Adams being hired later.

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