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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my haircut?

Hence, local barbershops are the best since you can get a haircut without an appointment. Some even offer discounts and special offers during less busy days, saving you even more while others let you check-in online to book a spot for a cheaper haircut.

What time does Supercuts open?

Supercuts hours operate typically from late morning to late evening. If you need a cut, color, or wax, chances are there is a Supercuts near you. Find out what time does Supercuts open and what time does Supercuts close, so you can look sharp right on time.

Does Supercuts take walk ins?

When you need a quality haircut quickly, Supercuts is the obvious choice. Unlike other salons, which require an appointment, Supercuts takes walk-ins and provides top-notch services with little to no notice.

Are California barber shops open?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says barbershops and hair salons can open immediately in 47 counties that have attested for regional variances.

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