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Frequently Asked Questions

What is G-TEC education?

Under G-TEC EDUCATION, there are about 570 centers by the name G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION, in 19 countries where more than 15 lakhs of students are effectively provided quality computer education and are efficiently moulded to acquire good jobs.

How to book G-TEC computer education centre?

Please call on 96503505 or email to [email protected] for booking. G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE is the largest computer education networks with more than 510 centers all over the world. G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE is a committed venture of IT services, by a team of dedicated professionals having distinct experience in...

Why choose G-TEC?

G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION is one of the leading IT education network providing training and meaningful certification in Software, Accounting, Hardware, Multimedia, CADD, Mobile Technology and Language skills. G-TEC train and groom students to get employed with much advanced skills required to work anywhere in the world.

Why choose GNG-TEC Computer Education Training Institute Center?

G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION Training Institute Center, Nalanchira thus assures that it is always with the students, with a team of sincere and dedicated teaching staff to mould them according to their requirements in selecting their career.

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