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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Goodyear integrity tires made?

Not all Goodyear tires made in USA . The company also has plants in Canada, Germany, France, England, Poland, Luxembourg, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, South Africa, etc.

What are Goodyear Assurance tires?

Goodyear Assurance Passenger All-Season Tires. All-season tires take drivers through thick and thin from January to December and back again. The Goodyear Assurance makes no exception to this rule. As a Passenger All-Season tire, the Assurance builds confidence in drivers behind the wheel of a car, coupe, van or crossover vehicle.

What is a Goodyear double eagle Tire?

Goodyear Double Eagle golf cart tires are a low profile tire that is made in only one size - 205/50-10. This golf cart tire is about 18 inches tall, about 8 inches wide and fits on our 10 inch golf cart wheels. The Goodyear Double Eagle golf cart tire has basically the same outside dimensions as the stock tires.

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