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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Galactic fireworks?

At Galactic Fireworks, we stock the UK’s most comprehensive selection of consumer and wholesale fireworks for sale online. Providing our customers with products of truly outstanding quality, we enable everyone to enjoy display-quality fireworks from the comfort of their back garden.

What types of fireworks are available at fireworks UK?

Our expansive ranges of fireworks for sale include Firework Cakes , Rockets , Sparklers , Fountains , Mines , Roman Candles , Ice Fountains and Catherine Wheels. With outstanding products available from leading manufacturers including Brothers Pyrotechnics , Bright Star Fireworks and Celtic Fireworks - as well as our very...

Why choose our wholesale fireworks PA&NJ Division?

Our wholesale fireworks PA & NJ division can also assist municipalities, event coordinators and special occasions of all sizes to give you one amazing show from our fireworks warehouse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey We also ship so you can buy fireworks online nation wide throughout the United States.

Why shop at our fireworks store in Pennsylvania?

Our world-class fireworks store in Pennsylvania serves world class fireworks with as much enthusiasm as you will have when using them!

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