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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find maps in FamilySearch?

You can also find maps by searching for a country on the FamilySearch Wiki. Then go to the sidebar on the right side, and select Maps . Use tools like gazetteers, guidebooks, local histories, historical geographies, encyclopedias, and history texts to get the most out of maps.

What is FamilySearch?

FamilySearch is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all people discover their family story.

How do I find out where my ancestors lived?

You can find online maps at: Google Maps - Using Google Maps can be a really quick way to see the basic geography of the area you are researching. You can also use online tools with Google Maps to tag where your ancestors lived or to share your map information with your family.

Where can I get help with family history discovery?

We provide free guidance and resources to help you make more family history discoveries. Free, in-person guidance at any one of over 5,000 family history centers. Online help is available 24/7/365 in the FamilySearch Community.

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