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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eclipse IDE?

Eclipse IDE for Testers. This package contains Eclipse features that support the software development quality assurance process, such as Jubula and Mylyn. Eclipse IDE for Scout Developers. Eclipse Scout is a Java/HTML5 framework to develop business applications that run on the desktop, on tablets and mobile devices.

How do I run the Eclipse installer?

Start the Eclipse Installer executable. For Windows users, after the Eclipse Installer executable has finished downloading it should be available in your download directory. Start the Eclipse Installer executable. You may get a security warning to run this file. If the Eclipse Foundation is the Publisher, you are good to select Run.

Does eclipse require a 32-bit JVM?

The latest release of Eclipse requires a 64-bit JVM, and does not support a 32-bit JVM. Current releases of Eclipse require Java 11 JRE/JDK or newer. If you are using Eclipse to do Java development, or are on macOS, install a JDK. In all cases, Eclipse requires a 64-bit JVM

What is eclipse installer 2022-12 R?

Packages Release Eclipse IDE 2022-12 R Eclipse Installer Eclipse Packages The Eclipse Installer 2022‑12 R now includes a JRE for macOS, Windows and Linux. Try the Eclipse Installer 2022‑12 R The easiest way to install and update your Eclipse Development Environment. Find out more 178,403 Installer Downloads Download macOS x86_64| AArch64

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