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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the judges in CT?

Connecticut Appellate Court Judges Seated from Left to Right: Judge Nina F. Elgo, Judge Bethany J. Alvord, Chief Judge William H. Bright, Jr., Judge Eliot D. Prescott, Judge Ingrid L. Moll Standing from Left to Right: Judge Robert W. Clark, Judge Joan K. Alexander, Judge Melanie L. Cradle, Judge José A. Suarez, Senior Judge Alexandra D. DiPentima ...

What are the courts in CT?

The state of Connecticut has a federal district court as well as a supreme court, a court of appeals and also a number of trial courts. All of the courts are arranged in a hierarchy, and some of the trial courts have limited jurisdiction over location or over a specific matter, such as a probate court. Connecticut only has one district court.

What is CT appellate court?

The Connecticut Appellate Court is the intermediate appellate court in Connecticut. The court was created via a constitutional amendment that was approved by voters on November 12, 1982, and passed by the Connecticut State Legislature on June 28, 1983. The court, comprised of nine judges, hears appeals from the Connecticut Superior Court. Cases on appeal are heard by a three-judge panel, but may also be heard en banc, meaning that all nine judges participate in the ruling.

What is the state of Connecticut Superior Court?

The Superior Court is a unified state trial court serving the County of Orange. The court has seven locations and hears all matters in criminal, traffic, civil, probate, juvenile, family law, and mental health cases. 3 hours ago Small Claims Court is a part of Connecticut s court system where a person can sue for money damages only up to $5,000.00.

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