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Frequently Asked Questions

What online services does the DMV offer in CT?

You can use the CT Department of Motor Vehicles' online service options to: Renew your registration. Cancel registration and license plates. Check registration status. Reprint your registration certificate. Replace damaged license plates. Order vanity license plates. Emissions test. Property tax. Insurance coverage.

What do you need to do to make an appointment with the DMV in CT?

Make an appointment at a DMV office. Provide license plate number or registration document for your expired vehicle. Present your Connecticut driver's license. Complete application for Registration and Certificate of Title (Form H-13B). Provide current Connecticut insurance identification card.

What is the DMV in CT?

The CT Department of Motor Vehicles allows you to pay for traffic infraction tickets using their online services. You can use third-party vendors to make other traffic ticket and legal-related requests, like: Finding a DUI lawyer . When facing DUI charges, make sure you're equipped with the most competent (and affordable) lawyer you can find.

How do I renew my car registration in CT?

If your car's registration has been expired for less than 2 years, visit your local Connecticut DMV office and: Provide your license plate number or registration renewal notice. Show your CT driver's license. Emissions testing requirements. Unpaid parking tickets. Outstanding property taxes. Pay your registration fee and $10 late fee.

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