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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SUNY Upstate Medical University's iPage?

SUNY Upstate Medical University's iPage, Inside Upstate, is for the Upstate community. The iPage includes a home page with links and news and a set of pages for six audiences: The iPages are not accessible to the general public. On-campus computers will have direct access to the iPages.

How do I use blackboard at USC Upstate?

This service is free to any faculty or staff member at USC Upstate. To use Blackboard you must obtain your USC network username and password, which is different from your USC Upstate login, by following the instructions here. Once successfully logged in, you will see your "My USC" screen with a list of all the courses you take or teach.

What do you like most about USC Upstate?

USC Upstate is where dreams become missions, and missions become impactful life-changing careers. Up is Where People Meet Passion...and Bring It Home. “What I liked best about my Upstate experience was how much everyone wants you to succeed. Whether it is professors or coaches, they all want the best for you and really care about you.”

Why choose upstate New York?

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Upstate Meet the Residents Resident Social Life Your Interview Hotel and Travel Information Frequently Asked Questions How to Apply About Syracuse & Central NY Research Council Quality Improvement Wellness Committee Incoming Orientation Orientation Schedule Welcome Picnic ACLS Lab Coats Pagers/Keys FAQs

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