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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Batman Zero Point comic book?

Each issue sells for $4.99, with the card stock variant cover versions available for $5.99. Each print issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will include a redeemable code for bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital items, inspired by the events in the comic, starting with the new Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit.

Is zero point the first issue of Fortnite X Batman?

Issue #1 has just been released! The very first issue has of the Fortnite x Batman Comic Book, Zero Point, has officially been released. Here’s how you can get part 1 of the 6 issue series right now, and even get a Harley Quinn skin too.

How do I redeem the zero point comic book Code?

For those in the United States, signing up for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will also allow you to purchase the Zero Point Comic Book digitally, and still give you access to the Harley Quinn Skin. For those that want to redeem the code found in the Zero Point Comic Book, simply follow the steps below. Visit

How do you get Batman Zero Point cosmetics in Fortnite?

All other Fortnite/Batman Zero Point cosmetics will be available in the Item Shop day-and-date with the bonus code in the comic book. The latest Season of Fortnite Chapter 2 kicked off on March 16 and there was a whole host of new content for players to jump in to.

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