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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to unit 39E in Arizona?

Areas: Unit 39E includes the Maricopa and Estrella Mountains; the majority of these areas are wilderness areas. Unit 39E may be accessed at road junctions along state route 85, S.R. 85, between Gila Bend and Buckeye, as well as through the Rainbow Valley.

What is the Arizona Game and Fish Department doing to protect wildlife?

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (Department) recently revised its State Wildlife Action Plan that provides a framework and information to assist in setting conservation priorities for the state’s wildlife and habitats.

Where are the deer in unit 39 & 40A?

Overview: Most deer are staying near the Gila River and adjacent to agricultural fields, if you hunt these areas you will increase your chance for success, otherwise finding deer in units 39 & 40A will be difficult.

Where are the bighorn sheep in unit 39?

Overview: Unit 39 is subdivided for bighorn sheep management purposes East and West of Old Hwy 80. 39 East Desert Bighorn Sheep can be found throughout the Maricopa and Estrella Mountains. Past rams harvested from GMU 39E have scored 140 – 170+. Currently, the population is believed to be stable.

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