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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yourbus a good product?

YourBus is a great product that helps us to run our buses on time. We now have 100% transparent access to all of our realtime bus location information. YourBus helps us to serve our bus passengers quicker, better. We are very satisfied with the way YourBus handles and fulfills every request. I would recommend YourBus to any bus operator.

How do I track my bus?

METRO's real-time bus tracking system has arrived. Now, you can text to find out when the next bus is leaving from your stop, you can watch your bus moving on a fancy map, you can download the MyStop app or you can sign up for alerts. So many ways to know when your bus is here! Track Your Bus Now!

How do I get Real-time bus information?

Download the Transit app from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store today for real-time bus information. We are pleased to introduce the Transit App. This app will allow users to know in real-time when their bus will arrive at the stop they are waiting at. Users can plan a trip with the trip planner or follow the bus along on the map.

Would you recommend Yourbus to any bus operator?

I would recommend YourBus to any bus operator. -Srikanth, MD of SVR Travels, Bangalore. We are happy to know that our passengers are delighted with the realtime SMS alerts. YourBus also validates the fact that we always run our buses on/before scheduled time.

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