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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Thwaites & Reed?

Thwaites & Reed was established in 1740 as manufacturing clockmakers, with antecedents from 1610. Today, with such unique horological expertise behind us, the Company is entrusted with the maintenance of internationally important clocks. We offer advice to all owners and custodians of clocks modern and historic.

Who was the head of Thwaites and Reed?

Aynsworth was succeeded by John Thwaites, who was head of the firm from 1780 to 1816, and master of the Clockmakers' Company in 1815, 1819, and 1820. In 1816, Thwaites partnered with George Jeremiah Reed, and the firm became Thwaites & Reed.

How old are Thwaites clocks?

Geoffrey Buggins MBE, the last of the original family clockmakers, saw drawings of Thwaites clocks dating back to 1610. These drawings and other early records prior to 1780 went missing but other records from that date are stored with the London Metropolitan Archives.

What brands are associated with Thwaites&Reed?

Other than Thwaites & Reed, associated tradenames are Aynsworth Thwaites, John Thwaites, and was trade supplier of movements to many well known historic clockmakers including Dutton, Dwerrihouse, Ellicott and Vulliamy and in more recent times well known retailers including The Franklin Mint, Asprey and Garrards.

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