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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is softsoftbox?

Softbox is an award winning temperature control packaging innovator that has been designing and producing high performance passive temperature control packaging systems for over 20 years.

What is an octagonal softbox?

Octagonal units, sometimes called umbrella softboxes, produce soft light with wide spreads. This attribute makes them suitable for wedding and fashion photography. For finer control over illumination, photographers use softbox grids and eggcrates to direct soft light.

What is a softbox in photography?

Softboxes are one of the three major soft lighting equipment necessities (the others are scrims and umbrellas) used in photography. It diffuses bright light and spreads it evenly over subjects. A softbox can serve as a primary or secondary light source in a scene.

Why softsoftbox packaging solutions?

Softbox creates products and shipping solutions that contribute to clients’ growing Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. The company has focused much of its recent R&D on the use of recyclable materials and the delivery of reusable packaging systems.

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