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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Keyence help you?

Machine control products such as progammable logic controllers and HMIs. Machine Safety plays a key role in every factory environment. KEYENCE offers a variety of safety products that can safeguard any machine. Monitor equipment processes including pressure and flow.

What are keykeyence sensors?

KEYENCE Sensors are used to detect, measure, and inspect a target during a process to increase efficiency. Non-contact, high precision laser distance sensors, position sensors and measurement sensors. Turnkey automated optical measurement systems.

What's new at Keyence?

Fully Operational with Expanded Resources Click for the latest on how KEYENCE is continuing to support our customers with quick delivery, off-site testing, virtual demos and more. New! Digital CMOS Laser Sensor LR-X Series

Why choose keykeyence fibre units?

KEYENCE has a wide variety of fibre units, which enables us to provide our customers with the optimum fibre unit for each application or usage environment. Introducing examples of 4K Digital Microscope applications by industry and field.

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