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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission?

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is Ireland’s national human rights and Equality institution. We are an independent public body that accounts directly to the Oireachtas.

What is the Human Rights course?

This interactive course offers an introduction to human rights and outlines their development through history up to the present day. It teaches you about the world’s most important human rights documents and every article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What can the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission do for You?

Participating in the Joint Committee of Representatives of members of the Commission and members of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission The Commission can assist you to further human rights issues by assisting you with legal proceedings.

Is human rights a guarantor of human dignity?

Human rights as the guarantor of human dignity 16. The rationale of human rights can be summarised as the guarantee of human dignity. If special measures are necessary to protect human dignity, such as the adoption of emergency powers, by definition, those measures must comply with human rights.

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