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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foodstyles?

At FoodStyles we're working for a world where finding the food you love is free from complexity. By connecting people with the food they love that also fits their dietary restrictions we give millions of people the freedom to eat what they want, whenever they want it.

What is food’s style?

Amid the hectic fluctuations of the world economy, Food’s Style aims to win support from around the world by improving people’s lives and contributing to society through food. Joined Seibu Department Stores, Limited.

What is the company name of food's style?

Company name Food’s Style Co., Ltd. Business contents Solutions for international restaurant b ... Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Resona Bank Mi ... History June 2011 Vegetary, Co. Ltd., establishe ... Associated company Company name Food's Style USA Inc. Estab ... 4 more rows ...

Why choose eatfoodstyles?

FoodStyles is built on continuous improvement, transparency and maximum momentum. We've built a company we truly love working for, and we think you will love it too. Fast decision making.

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