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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EurIng do?

Birds freely cross political boundaries and so international cooperation is vital for research and conservation. EURING promotes international collaboration on all aspects of scientific bird ringing, particularly in Europe and along the Eurasian African flyway. Our work includes collaborative research, data sharing and scientific meetings.

What is the EURING exchange code?

EURING Code 2020 published The EURING exchange code facilitates collaborative research and exchange of ringing data across Europe and beyond, and is central to the operation of the EURING databank. This in turn facilitates a wide range of large-scale analyses, including the Eurasian African Bird Migration Atlas that is currently under development.

What is EurIng 2021 analytical meeting & workshop?

EURING 2021 • Québec City, PQ, Canada • Bienvenue! Welcome to the EURING 2021 Analytical Meeting & Workshop website. EURING 2021, scheduled for 31 May-11 June, 2021, at Université Laval, in Québec City, Canada. The meeting will focus on the development, understanding and integration of new methodologies in the analysis of ringing data.

What is the Eur Ing title?

The EUR ING title delivered by FEANI is designed as a guarantee of competence for professional engineers, in order

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