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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Eun Sistemas?

EUN Sistemas, prepared for now and the future. Optimised spaces and intelligent storage. EUN storage and safeguarding systems are based on years of development and experience. An experience to which we add technology for optimal use and management of each object our systems safeguard. Our products assure peace of mind for our clients.

What can Eun logic do?

EUN Logic can interact automatically, like for example regulating the temperature of an area automatically by activating systems for opening passageways. It can also open lockers when security circumstances require it, etc. Immediate traceability, consultation, and localisation of content.

Why choose Eun storage systems?

The large range of accessories provide versatility to EUN storage systems. Wide range of finishes and colours. Solution for spaces where there is no need to optimise areas for safeguarding objects. Optimal solution for reduced spaces and/or high cost per m2. Silent displacement for shelving modules. Maximum optimisation of space at heights.

What makes Eun mobile's surgical robotics cutting-edge?

[WATCH] When Eun started his surgical robotics training at Vattikuti Urology Institute, he said one of the aspects that made that program cutting-edge was his mentor's use of 3D visualization. The capacity to move one space with the objective to create another is the basis on which the Eun Mobile line has been designed.

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