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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Daisy connect?

Contact Tel: 0333 320 1130 Email: [email protected] Connect with Daisy Connect

What is Daily Connect?

Daily Connect is the affordable, easy way to run your childcare center. The Daily Connect platform is secure, and is easy to use for parents, teachers, and childcare center directors. Everything is accessible via our mobile app, or from any computer with our web application.

How do I daisy chain two monitors with DisplayPort out?

Connect DisplayPort Out connection on the first monitor to DisplayPort In connection on the second monitor ( Figure 2). To daisy chain more than two monitors, follow a similar sequence: The first monitor connects to the second, the second monitor connects to the third, and so on.

Why choose dadaisy connect?

Daisy Connect aims to offer customers unique and bespoke solutions across all networks to help them deliver their service levels, meet their customers’ needs and assist their growth through innovative thinking. We aim to deliver a proactive world-class service so our customers choose or retain Daisy Connect as their vendor of choice.

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