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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WinCVS and how to use it?

WinCVS is a free app for Windows that will help you simplify the development of files for groups of people working on the same software project. This way, the whole team will have complete control over the changes made by any person on the files.

Where can I find a list of WinCVS download mirrors?

Download WinCvs/ MacCvs/ gCvs. Links are pointing to the SourceForge project sitewhich automatically provides a list of download mirrors. WinCvs Releases WinCvs releases come in three flavours: Development Buildsare the most up-to-date releases with the biggest feature-set and highest number of fixed known issues.

What is the latest version of WinCVS for Mac?

WinCvs is the latest reportedly stable release. MacCvs 3.3b1 is the release running on Mac OS X 10.4 and later. MacCvs 3.1.x is the first stable release.

What is the best SCC interface for WinCVS?

Jalindi-Igloo is a SCC interface for cvs using the WinCvs shared libraries. It’s written by Graham Robertson and it’s free ! Araxis Merge is a commercial diff program very useful when used with WinCvs. CS-RCS let you use RCS directly in the Windows explorer.

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