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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WinCVS and how to use it?

WinCVS is a free app for Windows that will help you simplify the development of files for groups of people working on the same software project. This way, the whole team will have complete control over the changes made by any person on the files. By using WinCVS, you will always have a backup of the previous version...

What is the difference between development builds and WinCVS?

Download WinCvs / MacCvs / gCvs . Links are pointing to the SourceForge project site which automatically provides a list of download mirrors. Development Builds are the most up-to-date releases with the biggest feature-set and highest number of fixed known issues.

Is CVSNT required by WinCVS?

CVSNT is required by WinCvs 1.3 and later for basic CVS functionality. The latest stable CVSNT binaries at the time of release are already included in the WinCvs installer. It is sometimes recommended to update these independently of WinCvs if any critical bugs get fixed in CVSNT before WinCvs has released another Recommended Build.

How to Preview updates in WinCVS?

For previewing updates there are also several approaches in WinCvs: If you just want to see which files would get updated you can use the Query Update command ( cvs -n up) or if you want the details you can simply Diff (using WinMerge) against HEAD (also works on multiple files and folders).

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