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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wild lilies?

Many wildflower gardeners enjoy planting the "Wild" or Species Lilies... the ones that are the ancestors of all the lovely hybrids enjoyed today. These lilies are native in various environments worldwide, so planting method is very important. Most gardeners find these lily bulbs somewhat smaller than many of the hybrid bulbs, which is normal.

Where do wild lilies grow best?

Native to Japan, this Wild Lily species is a midsummer bloomer that deserves a spot in the sunny mixed border or near the patio where its heady fragrance can be enjoyed.

Where have all the wild lilies gone?

Unfortunately it seems, wild lilies for the most part fell by the wayside for the less temperamental and nearly foolproof hybrids for a new generation of gardeners. Recently, several species not seen in the market place for many years are now being produced by a few small growers in Holland.

How long do wild lilies last?

Also, since they are literally "wildflowers" many of them are tough, durable lilies that you should enjoy for years, as long as you find a spot for them where they are "happy." In the right location, most of these garden gems will spread into growing clumps and you can enjoy them for decades. Good luck with your species lilies.

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