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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Passivhaus built?

A Passivhaus can be built using virtually any construction method, from concrete and masonry to timber frame. The Passivhaus standard uses the precision of building physics to ensure reduced energy costs and demand, comfortable and healthy living conditions, with a high standard of energy efficiency that exceeds government regulations.

What is the International Passivhaus standard?

The international Passivhaus Standard is a performance standard: many different construction systems are possible. In theory, any type of construction system can be used to meet the international Passivhaus Standard, since it is a performance standard.

What are the benefits of a Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is likely to benefit asthma sufferers and those with respiratory conditions. The Passivhaus requires minimal heating and cooling, therefore reducing energy demands. All services installed in the building should be to the best energy efficiency standard available.

Why is timber construction so popular for Passivhaus?

There are at least three good reasons for timber construction being popular for Passivhaus. Firstly, it is a common method of construction in many parts of the world, even the ‘traditional’ method in some places. Secondly, timber construction is generally light-weight.

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