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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Timothy Training Program?

The Timothy Training Program is the first of our two phase plan for equipping and training specific leaders within your church. For over thirty years the City Bible Church (formerly Bible Temple) has established and trained leaders in the context of the local church. With today's rapidly growing church,...

When did Timothy Training Institute come to South Africa?

In the early 1990s, after the success of the training in Mozambique, Timothy Training Institute began conducting classes in South Africa. The training was very successful and soon classes were offered in all of the provinces of South Africa; the Timothy Training Institute also received more requests from various SADC countries.

What is the difference between the Timothy and lay pastor training program?

The Timothy Training Program is designed to use for equipping potential leaders and the Lay Pastor Training Program takes the potential leaders one step further by establishing and training them for a Lay Pastor role.

What are the different types of Tim training?

The TIM training methods discussed are: multiagency, multidisciplinary training; tabletop exercises; situational awareness practice; after action review; and use of online training modules. The module also includes a list of resources to assist in developing and delivering TIM training.

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