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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hotbox pizza?

Locally owned, locally loved Indiana pizza since 2004. Never had HotBox? We’re definitely not your average pizza place. With pizza names like Ballsagna and our highly addicting Stix, one bite will have you coming back for more.

Is Hotbox a legit restaurant?

HotBox is . I'd eaten at the truck once or twice with impressive results. Was happy they were able to open a storefront. The new space is very nice. Clean & Modern. The food, Instagramable is legit. Burgers with all the hot toppings. Bacon.

What happened to hotbox food truck?

No longer contained within a food truck, HotBox is now a brick and mortar to-go spot! I'm very picky about my chili, and this one was very good and not orange or greasy at all! Delish. I got a chili cheeseburger and it was def satisfying and tasty. The Fritos (in the bag- Mexi style!) topped with chili and cheese was addictive.

Does Hotbox food truck have a store near USC?

I have tried Hotbox food truck before so when I heard that they now have a store near USC and LA Memorial Coliseum, my friends and I decided to drop by when we were in the area. Met the friendly crew who greeted us as soon as we came in. Placed our orders in the window and a few minutes after, we were handed our goodies for us to enjoy.

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