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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the coaching tools company?

At The Coaching Tools Company, we specialise in practical, tangible and actionable coaching resources for coaches. When we talk about coaching tools, we mean tangible documents - printable forms that get clients away from technology and more connected to themselves.

What are the coaching tools Emma-Louise uses?

The Coaching Tools Emma-Louise created for her clients blossomed and grew into something she now shares with her fellow coaches, therapists and more - saving you time and energy, and helping you grow your clients and businesses too! Visit the Coaching Tools Catalogue to find out more about the tools. Why Life-Coaching?

What are coaching tools and forms?

Crucially, done-for-you Coaching Tools, Forms and Exercises save you tons of time and energy, because you don't have to create them yourself. Most importantly, the ultimate purpose of Coaching Tools is to help clients move forwards, get motivated and commit to action.

Why Emma-Louise coaching?

Emma-Louise’s coaching tools create a context around the work I do with my clients – a structure and foundation that pulls everything together and helps to anchor results. Thanks so much for sharing your career coaching tools!"

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