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Frequently Asked Questions

Are advertisers targeting teens?

But look at it this way: teens are a demographic that has historically been targeted by advertisers. TV commercials. Magazine ads. Radio contests. From the dawn of broadcast media to the MTV generation and beyond, social media represents the modern landscape for advertisers to reach a younger crowd.

Is there an epidemic of digital ads aimed at teens?

“There’s an epidemic of digital ads aimed at teens. . . what we’d like food marketers to do is market foods that are healthy,” he said. “Doritos, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola are all marketed at teens, teens, teens.” He’s also critical of behavioral profiling, which violates children’s privacy.

What is the best advertising campaign for teenagers?

Basically, the advertising campaigns that work best with teenagers are the ones that engage them, on the sites they log on with some kind of payoff at the end (be it an iPhone or sharing a funny video with your friends). Traditional media has suffered in recent years due to the uprising of free entertainment on the Internet.

Are mobile ads relevant to teens?

But, 72 percent said they “find the majority of mobile ads not relevant or useful.” The key takeaway for marketers is that ads need to be customized to teens if your product or service is relevant to them. The message and targeting need to be adjusted to clearly show the benefit to the teen.

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