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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Susan Brown?

“Susan Brown is one of the most talented lawyers I have worked with in my 18 years at the bar. She is as creative as she is diligent. I always had tremendous confidence in her research and strategic advice across many practice areas. Her writing is crisp, clean, and persuasive.

Why choose Susan as your probate solicitor?

Her ability to connect with people from all backgrounds coupled with her desire to focus on the needs of her clients, ensure that Susan is able to translate the wishes of her clients into effective Will and Estate planning.

What is it like working with Susan?

“Susan is a deep strategic thinker, and is both pragmatic and creative. She is responsive and empathetic with clients, and works to scale her services to their needs. Her research skills are top notch, and her knowledge of both Canadian and American law and practice is extremely useful.

Why co-counsel Susan?

“I have had the pleasure of co-counseling with Susan for the past six years. She is an excellent writer with a charismatic and highly effective courtroom manner, superb judgment, a keen analytical mind, and strong moral character. She cares deeply about her clients and the quality of her work. I highly recommend her.”

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