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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Susan Brown?

“Susan Brown is one of the most talented lawyers I have worked with in my 18 years at the bar. She is as creative as she is diligent. I always had tremendous confidence in her research and strategic advice across many practice areas.

How did Susan Brown Stand Up to bullies?

But Susan made it easy to stand up to the bullies; she coolly dissected their contractual arcana…and stood ready to go for the throat if they didn’t back down. (They did.) It’s no surprise she has so many awards on her shelf; if Batman was a lawyer, she’d be Susan Brown.”

What is it like working with Susan?

“Susan is a deep strategic thinker, and is both pragmatic and creative. She is responsive and empathetic with clients, and works to scale her services to their needs. Her research skills are top notch, and her knowledge of both Canadian and American law and practice is extremely useful.

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