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Frequently Asked Questions

What online learning resources does Stevenson University online offer?

As many adult students feel overwhelmed or unprepared to take online courses, the Stevenson University Online offers online learning resources such as; an example of a student’s typical week, Blackboard video tutorials, an online learning assessment, and technical requirements for the online learning environment.

What do students need to succeed in the online learning environment?

In order to succeed in the online learning environment, students are required to be self-motivated and exhibit excellent time management skills. Additionally, students must have access to a quality, high-speed internet connection and use a desktop or laptop to successfully complete coursework through Blackboard, our online education system.

How do I get help with blackboard after completing GPS 100?

If you need assistance with navigating Blackboard after completing GPS 100, contact your Student Success Coach. Following orientation, all future correspondences will be sent to your Stevenson University email address, including tuition statements, course information, and updates.

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