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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the St Charles Hotel?

The St. Charles Hotel was a hotel on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, situated across the street from the St. Charles Museum.

What happened to the St Charles bar?

The St. Charles would gradually evolve into less of a draw for the queer community. Compared to the friendlier, gay-owned establishments popping up a few blocks over, the bar became somewhat notorious for petty crimes, drug deals and the sex trade.

What happened to the Sheraton St Charles?

Sheraton Hotels bought the St. Charles in 1959 for $5 million and renamed it the Sheraton-Charles Hotel. The hotel was sold to local developer Louis J. Roussel Jr. in 1965, though Sheraton continued to operate it. On August 5, 1973, Rousell announced he would redevelop the site of the Sheraton-Charles.

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