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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSE Composite Index?

SSE Composite Index, published on July 15, 1991, is the first index to reflect the performance of the whole Shanghai securities market, which includes the whole listed A shares and B shares stocks on SSE and is calculated based on total market capitalization of these listed stocks.

When is the SSE open?

Getting Started Access to SSE The SSE is open for trading Monday through Friday, with the exception of public holidays and other closing days declared by the Exchange in advance. The SSE market observes China's public holidays as listed below for 2022.

What is the SSE 180 Index?

It represents the 20-year-history development of China Capital Markets, and which is the most widely used index in China's securities market. In June 2002, SSE restructured the original SSE 30 Index and renamed it SSE 180 Index.

What is SSE SH equity index?

SSE SH Equities Index selects the eligible equity securities under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect including the constituents of SSE 180 Index SSE 380 Index and A-shares stocks listed on both SSE and SEHK as constituents the Index is designed to reflect the market performance of eligible SH equity securities under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

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