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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does solidtrust pay cost?

Direct Bank Deposit (North America only) = $2.00 Direct Cash Deposit and Payments via Credit Card = 7.5% + $1.85 VirtualMoney Debit card = 2% + 1.00 Per Transaction Cashier's Cheque/INTL Postal Order/Bank Draft = $1.00 Electronic Wire Transfer = $18.00 Personal/Business Certified Cheque = $1.00 Cheque from SolidTrust Pay = $4.00

What is solidtrust Technologies India?

For more insights… SolidTrust Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is an Engineering company specialized in implementing latest Engineering technologies & products to varied industries & research institutes.

What does solidsolidtrust do?

SolidTrust implements ANSYS – World’s Most Advanced Simulation Software address most critical validation requirements for Mechanical FEA, CFD, Electromagnetics & Semiconductors. Learn more…. We implements 3D Design software for Design and R&D team.

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