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Frequently Asked Questions

What are filter options?

Each filter provides a dropdown list of filter options to select from. Each filter option represents a filtering strategy, e.g. 'equals', 'not equals', etc. Each filter's default Filter Options are listed below, as well as information on Defining Custom Filter Options.

What is a simplex filter?

The simplex filters from BOLL & KIRCH provide a compact design and minimum number of parts, as well as the simple cleaning. Both liquids and gases can be filtered. Cleaning of the simplex filters is very simple.

How many values can a filter take?

Each filter option takes zero (a possibility with custom options), one (for most) or two (for 'in range') values. The value type depends on the filter type, e.g. the Date Filter takes Date values. Each filter initially only displays Condition 1. When the user completes the Condition 1 section of the filter, Condition 2 becomes visible.

What is the difference between simple filters and date filters?

Each Simple Filter follows the same layout. The only layout difference is the type of input field presented to the user: for Text and Number Filters a text field is displayed, whereas for Date Filters a date picker field is displayed. Each filter provides a dropdown list of filter options to select from.

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