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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a silver eagle coin worth?

While American silver eagles are classified as bullion coins, they are often collected by numismatists. The United States Mint strikes proof versions of silver eagles, which are usually worth a minimum of $40 to $50 each. The 1995-W proof silver eagle is worth more than $4,000!

Where is the mint mark on a silver eagle?

Only available for these San Francisco-struck Silver Eagles, this mark consists of the Mint location, “S,” in parentheses directly after the date. The parentheses are there to show that while the Mint location is known, there is no physical Mint mark on the coin.

Are US Silver Eagles a good investment?

American silver eagles have been popular among investors since the U.S. Mint first began striking these bullion coins back in 1986. What helps makes American silver eagle coins so attractive is that they're affordable for just about anybody who wants to get in on stocking away precious metals.

Where to buy silver eagles?

Silver Eagles are easy to buy and sell at most coin, precious metal and brokerage companies. Locate an authorized dealer. Prices are based on the market price of silver, plus a small premium to cover minting and distribution costs.

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